Somaliland: Interpeace Parley Elections with President Silanyo

director general of Inter-peace  says Somaliland president deserves an international reward for his democracy  implications.
❖ President Silanyo reiterated the elections would be done throughout the country .

President Silanyo receives the Interpeace ED at the presidency in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

Hargeisa-Somalilandsun-President of Somaliland Republic, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) received a delegation led by the director general of Interpeace, who his base is in Geneva Switzerland.

he paid on working visit to Somaliland on Wednesday by an accompanied a director of eastern and central Africa Mr. Jean Paul Mugiraneza,Executive director of Somaliland Academic for peace and development Mohamed Farah Hersi and other senior officials of Interpeace gives democratization process of the country particularly in electoral tasks.

The head of state portrayed to the delegation Somaliland’s democratization process and exemplary achievements done over  last decade.

The president had thanked to Interpeace for their collaboration towards democtrazation in Somaliland he further stated his government is committed to upgrade on enhancing democratization status of Somaliland.

“The democratization of our country is the priority number one of my government. We initiated from  the scratch and we are ready to improve a day after day. We are focusing on to build solidarity of our community and create how to cooperate and trust each other,” said president Silanyo according to press statement issued by the presidency spokesperson office on Wednesday.

Institutional reforms are under gone how to strengthen their functional of maintaining the good governance, said the Somaliland’s head of state during this meeting.

President Silanyo have gave detailed statements to the delegation for his recent visit from Sool, south eastern region in the country where  he mentioned that the voter registrations’ exercise kicked off on 23 august 2016.

“during my visit to the Sool, I met traditional leaders, intellectuals and I encouraged to fully participate the country’s democratization process so as to the gain their political rights similarly the other citizens in the country.  On the other hand I pledged that my government would give priorities in terms of developing social basic services how to able revive the back warded matters in the region,” said the SL’s incumbent president.

President Silanyo once again reiterated his readiness of holding the presidential and parliamentary elections are slated in March 2017. He further vowed that the preparations of elections are under their way. He added  that he want the elections will be occurred through out of the country in first time. 

On his part the director general of Interpeace Mr. Scott M. Weber, thanked to the president for his welcome of his delegation and stated they continue their collaboration of democrazationing in Somaliland. he pointed out Interpeace was a regular partnership Somaliland government.

“When Icompared Somaliland democracy another recognized states  in east Africa I realized that Somaliland reached tangible achievements when it comes to the  democratization process,” said thedirector general of Interpeace he added as saying “We shall proceed our activities towards Somaliland democratization for coming five years, we have to fourthy years of experience and we have and extra ordinary experts to this field.”

“International community are  closely  
monitor of Somaliland elections dated in March 2017. IC are acknowledging your preparations of realizing the elections would be their timeline,” said Mr. Mr. Scott M. Weber. He added that the president deserves to be rewarded to international prize for his ensuring the democracy of the country. He praised to the President for his gave away his second term that is exemplary signs to the regional democracy.

The president was accompanied by the ministers of national planning, Ali Hussien Ismail, state minister of security of interior, Mohamed Muse Diriye, vice minister of foreign affairs Ahmed Aden Ismail and  his private secretary.