Somaliland: Interior Minister Acknowledges Odweine Aerial Attack


As police commissioner contradicts his boss and junior officers on the ground with denial of such an attack ever happening anywhere in the country
Somaliland interior minister Yasin Mahmud Faraton at opposites with police commissioner Brig Fadal Iman

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun- The state has acknowledge a recent attack in Odweine district by yet to be identified foreign owned airplane.
According to the Somaliland minister of interior Yasin Mahmud Faraton, unidentified airplane sprayed bullets at residents of Bali Reer Elmi village in Odweine District “Allahamdullilah nobody was injured” confirmed the minister at parliament buildings in Hargeisa where he was attending his confirmation by the House of Representatives, the country’s lower chamber of parliament.
The bizarre incident occurred at the Bali Reer Elmi a remote village in Odweine district in the early afternoon on the 15th of November 2016 and confirmed the same day by the Odweine regional police commander and his junior at the Odweine police station.
Having corroborated information by the two police officers, the interior minister who revealed that foreign owned aircrafts are known to utilize the country’s airspace without permission, said that investigations are underway and findings will be made public once complete.
On the other hand the Police commissioner has contradicted both the interior minister, his boss, and Odweine regional and district police commanders, as per the incident ever taking place.
Queried by journalists in Hargeisa, Brigadier Abdilahi Fadal Iman denied any attack by a foreign airplane ever having taken place in Odweine district nor anywhere in Somaliland, stating that the reports of the Bali Reer Elmi aerial attack were a concoction of the media.

Are senior officers at the Somaliland police headquarters in Hargeisa in sync with their juniors nationwide With this categoric denial by the police commissioner despite confirmation by his officers on the ground and interior minister raises concern on whether security agencies in the country are coordinating properly.
Having come out loudly in negating the aerial combat fact, one will not fail to wonder whether the Good Brigadier Fadal is hiding something sinister.