Somaliland Interhealth Appeals for Donation towards COVID-19 Equipment Purchase

Somaliland interhealth calls for Covid19 donations

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland Interhealth collecting money to help equip Somaliland’s healthcare for COVID19. The country is in desperate need of ventilators, other medical equipment and protective gear such as gloves and gowns!!

This appeal has been endordsed by the Somaliland ministry of health and the Somaliland Diaspora Agency

Somaliland Interhealth is a UK based group of young health care professionals (nurses, pharmacists, doctors, researchers, therapists and many more)  originally from Somaliland.  We have seen first hand what COVID 19 has done to one of the richest healthcare systems in the world and fear for a country like Somaliland with almost no medical resources to deal with a pandemic.

All money collected by  Somaliland InterHealth will be donated towards medical equipment and or training and coordinated with registered charities and local government to ensure our people have the best chances at tackling COVID19!! COVID19 Somaliland

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