Somaliland: Information ministry reassures on new RADIO transmitter


Director A Suleiman-Right says transmitter on scheduel after joint Chinese sl engineers complete workBy: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The long awaited wide-range radio coverage by the state radio is scheduled to be fully installed to function within 20 days are so.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Information’s technical director Mr. Ahmed Suleiman Weyne, during a press briefing at his offices in Hargeisa where he also refuted false claims to the effect that the transmitter of 100kw was a non-starter.

“May it be known that two thirds of the installation process has already been dealt with hence those peddling rumours are liars who spread baseless allegations”.

He added that the Chinese engineers who were installing and setting up configurations of the antenna have already left the country “having successfully concluded their ordained tasks hence we’ll finalize the rest within three weeks”.

It is to be noted that the importation of the new more powerful radio transmitter whose releighing capacity would reach and cover not only the east and central African region but further afield was one of the major campaign pledges of the Kulmiye party that the administration has been implementing.