Somaliland: Information Ministry Condemns the Killing of Journalist Ilays


Ahmed Farah Ilyas was shot outside his house“Security forces are investigating the killing as prelude to arrests and prosecution of perpetrators” Minister Tima’ade

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government will turn al stones in pursuit of lawbreakers nationwide.

The ministry of information, Culture and national guidance is abhorred by the wanton killing of a journalist in Las Anod town the capital of Sool region.

This is per a press statement released by the minister of information Hon Abib Diriye Nuur ‘Tima’ade in which he condole the family, friends and colleagues of journalist

Per a press statement cum message of condolence released by the minister of information, this said the government

While condoling the family, friends and colleagues of Slain journalist Ahmed Saki Farah ‘Ilays’ minister Tima’ade informed that relevant security forces are investigating the crime as a prelude to arrest and subsequent prosecution of the perpetrators.

“On my own behalf that of the government and entire media fraternity of the country hereby extend condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the late Ahmed Saki Farah” said Tima’ade who further promised that no stone should be left unturned in pursuit of the killers.

The Late Ahmed Saki Farah popular known as ‘Ilays’ who worked as the Sool regional stringer for Universal TV was gunned down by unknown gunmen outside his home in Las anod town at 10pm on Wednesday.

According to The governor of Sool region, the assailants who sprayed bullets that killed the journalists escaped from the scene, but one was killed after hot pursuit by the town’s security forces.

While the reasons behind the killing are not yet clear, no group has claimed responsibility

In an earlier statement The Somaliland, journalists Association SOLJA that conveyed shock at the murder of a Universal TV journalist and member of SOLJA BOD in the central Laas anod town of the Sool Region said the killing is part of a string of attacks against journalists in Somaliland.

The SOLJA, the Secretary General, Mohamed Rashid who condemned the killing called for an urgent investigation into the killing.

“The targeted killings against the journalists is only meant to silence the voice of the Somaliland journalists who are giving voice to the voiceless, therefore, we call for the government to investigate the murder against the journalists and bring to an end this culture of impunity which is on the rise” said Mohamed Rashid