Somaliland: Information Minister Suspends SLNTV Boss


K A Gaas Suspended

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun):- The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Heritage Hon. Abdillahi Mohamed Dahir U’kuse has suspended the head of the Somaliland National Television station [SLNTV] Mr Khadar Ali Gaas from duty.

It has not yet been clarified whether the suspension is indefinite or not, but directives given to the security personnel to deter the CEO from entering the premises of the TV which is stationed at the ministry’s headquarters is a sure prelude to a stern action being under taken by the minister in efforts to streamline, revitalize and invigorate both the staff production impetus and public service rendered.

Since his elevation to the topmost helm of being the official national spokesman, Hon. U’kuse has been at the forefront in running of the ministry with hands on the job .Coincidentally, by around the same period reports were rife in media circles that the public institution was being run on bloated budgets, blatant misuse and misappropriation of public funds that bordered corruption.

Similarly, the same press revealed that inflated remunerations were being paid to undeserving workers to the chagrin of their senior and more experienced colleagues.

It is a fact though that hues and cries from the rest of the ministry’s disgruntled staff compelled the minister to delve into the matter.

Information Minister A. Ukuse In the long run, Hon U’kuse, who is himself a veteran journalist and was after all promoted while in the same ministry hence privy to the innings, thence got propelled to right the injustice with conviction, hence in his bid in this direction, named a committee to look into the matter, which included the TV’s boss himself.

Despite the fact that the task force took time to take stock of the whole situation, the team has at last completed their work ready for the minister’s review.

In a recent function, Khadar lamented in a speech to the audience that the budget of his institution was being slashed; a good pointer of what the issue’s prelude was, and to what direction.

The press reports being released that he has been sacked do not hold any water since there has been no official statement on the matter so far.

It is however not known whether the move is to pave way for upcoming investigations or whether the action is to waylay any bottlenecks or impediments to the efforts of streamlining staking place, but a sure fact is that Hon U’kuse is out to address any and all anomalies thereof palpitated.

This is of course envisaged in his cause of achieving invigorated outputs.