Somaliland: Information Minister: I’m fit like a Fiddle despite Fracture of Upper Right Arm.


Hon. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir Ukuse

BY: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “I’m highly indebted to the Government & the people of the Republic of Somaliland both at home & abroad for their persistent inquiries pertaining to my medical conditions.”

Per Somaliland Information Minister Hon. Abdilahi M. Dahir aka Ukuse

The minister for information, culture & national guidance Hon. Abdilahi Mohamed Dahir (Cukuse) has assured that his health status is stable following Thursday’s morning road accident involving his motor vehicle with that of his health counterpart Hon. Dr. Suleiman Issa Haglatosie both of which were accompanying the Head of State who was departing Togdheer’s regional capital Burao back to Hargeisa upon concluding official tour of the regions.

Hon Abdillahi Ukuse while briefing his medical conditions to journalist Mustafa Janalle disclosed that he sustained fracture of the upper right arm & rebutted the misconception in public domain that he lost part of his tooth & broke his backbone as baseless.

The information minister said, “So far so good” with reference to his condition, adding that,” I thank Allah for rescuing me, you can see I can sit, stand & walk on my own without anyone’s aid but people were calling me inquiring whether I lost my tooth or broke my backbone and I responded in negative”.

Hon. Abdillahi Ukuse clarified to the journalist that the exact location & time of accident as Geellokar which is between Sheikh and Berbera at 0815 hrs & not Huduse as earlier claimed.

The information minister also assured the Government & the people of the Republic of Somaliland for their continued prayers & inquiries on his post accidental conditions insisting that he would recover soon God willing to resume his duties of

of serving the nation before wishing his colleague Hon. Dr. Suleiman Issa & Presidential press secretary Ahmed Suleiman Dhuhul I quite recovery.

Meanwhile it has emerged that referral of the minister to Djibouti in furtherance of quality medical assistance is at high level talks.