Somaliland: Information Minister Hosts Media to Dinner


Somaliland journalists at a dinner party hosted by information ministry at Green Plaza in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun- Members of the local media are having a grand time at the Green Plaza in Hargeisa where a party on their behalf is in progress.
At the party is hosted the Somaliland information , culture and national guidance Minister Osman Sahardiid Adani participants from locally owned state and privately media houses including print and electronics are being entertained to sweet soothing music and comedy by various artists from the ministry.
Being the first of its for members of the same Somaliland fourth estate to congrats for fun at a function where music, laughter and sumptuous foods are galore is a rare event to behold.
Somaliland information minister Osman Sahardid Adani shakes a leg with singer Sahra IleysBest of all is to see the information minister shaking a leg with singers Sahara Ileys and Ikran Jama.