Somaliland: Information DG thanks Compatriots Pledges Continued Cooperation


Director general Somaliland ministry of information Hasan Omar Horri

Somalilandsun-Somaliland is going for the Presidential Elections on November 13, 2017. So, from now onward, I have been appointed by H/E the President to be the Director General of the Ministry of  Information, Culture and National Guidance to regulate the media houses in giving an equal time and fairness to all the political parties.

Also, I am bestowed with hoist of public awareness that ensure our country goes for a peaceful, free and fair elections. May the almighty Allah guide and assist me in serving the nation in the best of all.  

Hence, it has really been a pleasure to work with you and your entity, during my service at the Ministry of National Planning & Development, through which we achieved together a lot. Thanks to your collaboration and understanding the important role of the ministries for the development of Somaliland.

I will further look for any possibilities that we can come together in my new assignment as the DG for the Ministry of  Information, Culture and National Guidance.