Somaliland: Influx of Locusts Raises Concern at the Agriculture Ministry


Prof Farah Gedoode

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of Agriculture has warned of impeding dangers as pertains to the large influx of locusts cum army worms in parts of Somaliland like Salal, Awdal, Sahil and Sanaag regions.

“Though the locusts have been observed shifting towards Ethiopia they have created havoc in a number of areas like Giriyaad plains, Lugahaya, Abdigeedi, Eeldarad and Goobaare plains” read a ministry of Agriculture statement Ref: WB/XW/admin/ F- /2014 released by the minister Prof Farah Elmi Mahmud on 01, 03, 2014

The Agriculture minister who revealed that the use of chemicals like”MALATHION” is not possible at the moment because the affected areas are inundated by large herds of livestock seeking grazing and water urged citizens to be patient while more appropriate and non-poisonous chemicals are procured.

“Meanwhile we shall utilize mechanicals means of eliminating the army worms” said Prof Mahmud

On the other hand the ministry of agriculture has summoned an urgent meeting with other international stakeholders like FAO and DLCO for further consultations on the way forward.

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