Somaliland: Indigenous but Insensible Media Groups


(They are a real threat to Somaliland’s Security and Social Stability!!)

Somalilandsun – Truth and Accuracy, Impartiality, Editorial Integrity and Independence, Serving the Public Interest, Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Respecting Privacy; these are the unmistakeable golden rules into which each and every news organization should adhere and respect.

An objective and impartial newsgathering from credible and verifiable sources, sticking on journalism guidelines, avoiding violating privacy and the good name and reputation of individuals, a decent media organisation must devote a great deal of its sources. At all times the news organisation should adhere to the highest editorial standards and must offer its readers/viewers impartial, balanced and in depth coverage of events and news items in the region and beyond.

A decent Media outlet should always be sensitive to, sensible and keep in touch with generally accepted standards as well as the expectations of their audiences, in content and essence, particularly in relation to those national and public security sensitive issues. It is extremely deplorable to notice that a great number of Somaliland media outlets (Websites and/or Newspapers) are intentionally unveiling highly sensitive National security information and State Secrets, including the Presidential Place activity, military operations, economic and diplomatic contacts, etc.

Some Somaliland’s native media groups (at home and abroad) have always a tendency to spread untruthful stories, rumours and an unfounded hearsay news reporting with only one goal in mind: to sell more copies or to attract more audience. They leave no stone unturned to destabilize our country; they are knowingly and willingly creating a climate of collective confusion among the brotherly people of the Republic of Somaliland. They create mistrust and baseless stories that consumes much of life and energy of Somalilanders.

Instead of being well sourced, based on sound evidence, thoroughly tested and presented in clear and precise style, some Somaliland’s indigenous Media outlets are inclined to spread unfounded speculations; tempting and hardly verifiable stories, with only one goal in mind: to sell more copies or to attract more audience. Such irresponsible actions endanger our homeland’s social stability, security and interests. It sends negative signals which can back up Somaliland’s internal and external enemies. They are continuously spreading false and damaging stories; they lie or twist the truth about the leadership and his family members and other high rank government officials with the sole intention to blackmail, harm and hurt them.

The scope and effect of such negative media reporting is to mislead the public, to influence and reinforce a negative public perception towards the current government, portraying your government as ineffective, a government that cannot fulfil its promises and therefore not suitable to run the country. If a proper counter-measurement from the government fails to happen, then Somaliland citizens will be more receptive to believe in such pessimistic media coverage. Therefore, it is particularly crucial that the current government have to challenge and combat the emerging media influence on the ordinary Somaliland citizen.

In spite of the apparent social and economic development as well as diplomatic advancement of the current Somaliland government, I believe there will be always people who are prepared to take a second look, particularly those groups who are extremely think-skinned and intolerant of perceived criticism who are apparently uncommitted and unconvinced for the Somaliland’s cause. The current government deals with challenging issues of today as well as for tomorrow; focusing mainly on those issues (national and international) that really matters and affects the lives of Somaliland people. Each and every government department is on the rise and is thriving at an astonishingly fast progress.

For the sake of our national security and social stability, I would strongly recommend to the government of Republic of Somaliland to adopt the right, appropriate and legally acceptable strategies against those Empty, Insensible and Clueless ‘Media Groups’ who are only bent on

Eng Deyrinciting and promoting hatred, hostility and division among the brotherly people of Somaliland.

Good information, public awareness building and an active involvement of country’s citizens are the best ways in which can be dealt with the negative impact of some biased-media outlets.

I believe it is the duty of the government to provide its citizen an accurate and reliable information sources. In that case you are one step ahead than all misinformation or propaganda coverage and you let them all to remain silent.

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble people

BY: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [UK]