Somaliland: Indigenous but Insensible Media Groups (Part.I)


A real threat to Somaliland’s Security and Social Stability!!

BY: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh

Somalilandsun – A decent Media outlet should always be sensitive to, sensible and keep in touch with generally accepted standards as well as the expectations of their audiences, in content and essence, particularly in relation to those national security and public sensitive issues.

It is extremely deplorable to notice that a great number of Somaliland media outlets (TVs, Websites and/or Newspapers) are intentionally unveiling highly sensitive National security information and State Secrets, including the Presidential Place activity, military operations, economic and diplomatic contacts, etc.

Many Somaliland Indigenous but Insensible Media Groups are so biased against the leadership and the government of the Somaliland Republic. They are continuously spreading false and damaging stories; they lie or twist the truth about the leadership and other high rank government officials with the sole intention to harm and hurt them. They miss every sense of nationalism, nationhood and patriotic responsibilities towards their own country and people. It is regrettable to see the permanent and unfounded hostility of some media outlets towards the President of our nation and the government he leads. These amateur and unprofessional Media groups do not understand the wisdom that words do much more damages than the sword.

The fundamental problem of these Media Networks (TVs, Websites and/or Newspapers) is the fact that they are administered and/or edited by ignorant and ghoulish figures that lack any self-respect, journalism ethics and media decency. Their moral values and social responsibility towards their country and people are below the level. Some of them are known as malicious, scare and scandalmongers. They are knowingly and willingly creating a climate of collective confusion among the people of Republic of Somaliland.

Creating unrelenting hatred, hostility and bloodshed between the brotherly people of Somaliland is a very accurate strategy prepared to the last details which those Far-right Media Groups use so that they can achieve their devilish hidden agenda in a most underhand manner. They leave no stone unturned to destroy the name and existence of Somaliland. They adopt the same mind-set and strategies as the enemies of Somaliland Republic do, which by all means go out that the Somaliland Republic will never be recognized by the international community.

You don’t have to be necessarily a sympathiser of the ruling party or may be a supporter of the current Somaliland government led by President Ahmed Silaanyo, but defending the interests, existence and the cause of your own country is a moral duty and an individual obligation for each and every Somalilander, at home and abroad. What all those biased Media Outlets want is only and exclusively one thing: that Somaliland descends into a chaos and anarchy!

Those Empty, Insensible and Clueless ‘Media Groups’ are small groups of people who are funded and invested by mostly Diaspora folks who wish to destabilize Somaliland’s peace and stability through propaganda and distorted information. It is during hard times that Somaliland people come to know one’s true loyalty and patriotism towards their country and people.

For the sake of our national security and social stability, I would strongly recommend to the government of Somaliland to adopt the right and appropriate strategies against those Empty, Insensible and Clueless ‘Media Groups’ who are only bent on inciting and promoting hatred, hostility and division among the brotherly people of Somaliland. No matter how much hatred and jealously are written and published on those scurrilous and biased TVs, Websites and/or Newspapers, Somaliland’s cause and case, democracy process and its efforts for self-determination as a sovereign State will prevail forever.

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble people

BY: Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [UK]