Somaliland: In Triumphing Over All Tribulations



Our Country our Pride

Somalilandsun – The nation, people and government of Somaliland have for over two decades been moving along a path that had always been laden and heavily caste with thorns, spikes, hurdles and what have you.

All the inhibitions planted, consciously or not, upon the long SL road to freedom were all put there by foes (definitely not friends) in order to either ; destruct or distract, constrict or block, deter or damper, blur or obliterate, or, better still, curtail both our aspiration and destiny.

All this while, however, the people, nation and state of SL have-against all adds-gone and reached places for enough to confound both our friends and foes.

The open secret surrounding our success has definitely been three-prong.

One is the blessings bestowed upon the country by the Derive Power.

The second has been the strong resolve of the populace who has continued their inarch forward without much further ado.

And the third, which needs underpinning, has been the pragmatic policies and consequent leaderships over the times to date that guided the country all along.

All the three above are however, most importantly, been sailing in juxtaposition hence supporting each other along the course by one major cause that underscores the whole successfulness.

This cause herein revisited and stressed is the same one that has made us what we are today just as it has made us a household name worldwide.

The homegrown systematic pacification that has had step by step helped put two and two together is/was because of the cause that propelled it.

Of course we are talking of our engraved emblem of exercising the wisdom of conciliatory and mutual brethren-ship.

In other words, for us to keep on keeping on we should put in force the same home-grown flag bearing art of SL wisdom –conciliatory acumen for the sake of goodness.

We know quite well the dangers of having state powers being usurped just as we know that the new world-order’s ‘standardization’ of ‘democracy and associated adjusted policies’ has sadly touched many corners of the earth unequally.

Our job is to defend what is ours and, in this case, OURS is the nation, people and government of Somaliland.

In order to ward of any concrete incursion or illusionary one, we should use the same weapon that we have been using all along to triumph over all tribulations.

We pray and hope that the same wisdom will prevail over our land and the just will prevail over the unjust.

The government of the day is in place squarely and legally hence MUST be respected as deserved at all times.