Somaliland: Import-Export Fees Conflict Between DP World and Local Businesses Solved


Somaliland trade minister Omar Shuaib

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland has successfully intervened a conflict between DP world and local businesses at the Berbera port,

According to the minister of Trade and international investment Dr Omar Shuaib Mohamed the conflict was occasioned by a slight increase on charges imposed by DP World on construction materials entering the country.
The minister stated this during a briefing to Standing committee of Guurti the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament where he also assured that the dispute has been amicably solved
In elaborating on the essence of the initial dispute, Dr Shuaib told the elders that when DP World assumed management of the port it brought on a lot of modern equipment that necessitated recouping of coast not to mention employment of skilled personnel.
“Initially the Emirati firm increased import and export charges on most goods and livestock but after deliberations camels and many other items were exempt thence only construction materials. Said the minister
Dp World recently assumed its $422m thirty year concession to managed and developed the port of Berbera following an agreement between the governments of Somaliland and the United Arabia Emirates.
According to the minister the introduction of modern port management methods at Berbera shall surely impact on numerous sectors thence urged patience.