Somaliland: Immigration Dept. Starts to Vet persons entering the country Via Las anod


Seurity personel vet movement at the  Lasanod border with SomaliaBy: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Persons entering the country through the border at Las’anod must satisfy immigration laws.

The immigration department has opened an operational office in Las anod thus vetting all those entering the country from Bosaso and Garowe in Somalia.

Before the opening of this office Vehicles, foreigners and citizens alike whose journey emanated from either Bosaso, Garowe, Galkayo or Mogadishu in Somalia used to enter the country without submitting to the country’s immigration laws.

While Public and goods transporters who commute between the countries regularly welcomed the immigration office, they urged department officials to ensure that vetting procedures are expedited thus avoid unnecessary delays that translate to lose of revenue.

The long delayed opening of the immigration office which is a clear symbol that the government is extending its presence nationwide is also a result of ongoing peacefully reconciliations between central authorities in Hargeisa and elders from Buhodle and Sool regions.

This office also comes timely as pertains to national security, as it will act as the first obstacle to Al-shabaab operatives who are now in the quest of sanctuary following their defeat in South Somalia.

The immigration department operates a similar office at Tog wajale the Ethio-Somaliland border point that is mostly concerned with vetting foreigners from Europe and America as well as commercial goods carted by merchants who ply the two countries.

In the recent past security, forces in the country are in high alert following the Kenyan defence forces fronted AMISOM dethroning of the Al-shabaab Islamist terrorist group from Kismayo their last bastion of power and economy.