Somaliland: Immigration Department Must Reveal All


As pertains to alleged stolen files, Missing officers uniforms & Unknown whereabouts of a Senior Staffer

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – While the preservation of sensitive state secrets is a must for all citizens of any country it is more so for the media but silence from relevant authroities does not augur well for such.

While with desire to help protect the said state secrets and obligations to provide factual and timely information to the public some undertakings at the Headquarters of the Somaliland immigration department in Hargeisa are mystifying.

Being privy of relevant information pertaining to the theft of highly important and secret files that occurred simultaneously with the discovery of missing uniforms adorned with three stars of a captain belonging to an officer of the dept a Mr. Dhammy Saeed Waeis and the eight days unknown whereabouts of a senior staffer cry for explanations.

In order to stop the now rampant public speculations that might create unwarranted fears among the populace will the immigration department or its parent ministry of the interior do the honourable and set the record straight?