Somaliland: Illegal Immigrants Die of Thirst


The dead were in such of a similar vesselASHO-ADO (Somalilandsun) – 8 illegal immigrants en-route to Djibouti have died due to thirst in the west of the country

According to reports by the Somali language Hadhwanaag website the 8 illegal immigrants all Ethiopians who found dead near the remote Asha-ado village in Salal region had been last seen in Borame town which was the launching area of their uneventful journey.

Three of the dead immigrants have already been buried immediately upon discovery by a herdsman curious to discover the source of a repugnant smell that was later attributed to the decomposed bodies. The other 5 decomposed bodies of the immigrants were discovered later.

The dead illegals intent on escaping discovery by police, met their deaths after keeping away from human habitation areas on their way to Djibouti where it is believed they were to seek transport in a Yemeni bound ship.

While Somaliland has become the favoured illegal immigration transit and a number of deaths suffered in more humane situations this is the first time for such a misfortune to befell the illegals that are mostly under the charge of human traffickers who will go to any lengths to cash-in on the highly lucrative business, that continues relentlessly despite concert efforts by the government and international stakeholders like IOM.