Somaliland: IDB in Projects follow-up


Somalilandsun – The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is currently continuing follow-up of its various projects in the country worth around $450,000.

They mainly comprise supplying orphanages, hospitals and schools in Somaliland’s capital city, Hargeisa, and other parts of the country with medicine, medical equipment, and other much needed items.

It is also following up on the progress of the delivery of supplies and equipment to women empowerment centres in different Somali cities.

The IDB has also provided financing for construction or rehabilitation of 19 irrigation canals in Mudug in the north-central region, Hiiraan and Middle and Lower Shabele rHargeisa Orphanage benefits from IDB fundingegions in the drought hit areas. Once operational, the canals will benefit 2.5 million residents.

Since 1991, IDB has provided $17.3 million in the form of project financing and relief aid in the sectors of education, health, irrigation, construction and rehabilitation of water canals and digging of new water wells in Somalia.