Somaliland: IC Intervention in Internal Affairs is a Looming Danger to the Country’s’ Sovereignty


IC Grabs SL testicles

Somalilandsun – My fellow citizens both in the country and in Diaspora just sit back and think of the ongoing IC criticism of our local politics in recent months.
Since the election issue surfaced and the subsequent Guurti Term Extension for 10 months only, considering the NEC one year for both, the government and the parliament. There is unprecedented outcry from the international community which is, in my view a double edged sword.
In part they tell us that they encourage and help the process of democratization in Somaliland to improve our own cultural and democracy we combined in our own unique way, but there are hidden agenda that our people should see in depth, without the unreserved outcry and continues political fight in the televisions and media at large.
The international community headed by the UN are keen to see unity of what is then called Somali Republic, which was dead over 24 years, and they are using at least one of the existing parties to create political havoc, while holding to the trivial election issue that we normally come clean without interference from outside, and we have done it several times. Why the IC is giving this importance of this election per say, and not those before it?
It’s a question that needs us to sit back, and read between the lines, because it is the interest of all Somalilanders, regardless of tribally influenced political affiliations. The wicked International Community are not honest to our country, and they are still expect that some of our current politicians who passed wrong information and continuous accusations to the current government, may succumb to what they [IC} needs to fulfill, in terms of great Somalia.
That is where the danger is, if we did not come together and fight back. Somaliland is mature to handle its affairs, but there are those of us, who cannot see beyond their nose and notice what the wicked international community needs to achieve the trouble they are creating here.
Our people must be told the conspiracy in work for this country and they should differentiate between the politicians who are selling this country and those who gallantly watch their shoulders to protect this country. We do not need to bite our forefinger when it’s too late, and we shall wake up to distance ourselves from those we suspect are not helping this country and its people.
The honest politicians is the one who speaks from his heart, like Mr. Ali Waraabe, and not the one who has what is commonly known as ‘beady little eyes’ or ‘snake eyes’, it’s basically the one who put head down and look up. There are others who are patriots, and will never subvert what they fought-for, and continuously haunted by those souls martyred for this country.
Those of us, who are not happy of the way the ruling party is running the show, should be asked bluntly and straight forward, where and what exactly your dissatisfaction lays honestly, and if we are smart enough, we can see if their rejection is based in personal interest, and then talk face-to-face with those who runs the show to rectify the existing problem where possible to safeguard our country. I am not praising the current ruling party and I am not its supporter in anyway [basically I do not belong to any party yet], but foresee problem in the making, because of greed and ignorance of certain politicians.
We have a year or a year and half at most to go for the next election, and we shall come together to safe the BEST KEPT SECRET IN AFRICA, from those of us who wish to spoil for personal interest and tie them at the trunk of a tree with full of aunts. We must show our strength to identify which party is good to govern this country when next election is reached and support it wholeheartedly for the good of Somaliland and its people.
I hope my small article will shed a light what is at stack today in my beloved country.

Omer Hussein Dualeh
Hargeisa – Somaliland
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