Somaliland: IC Democratisation Partners Parley Elections with Political Parties

Somaliland: IC Democratisation Partners Parley Elections with Political Parties

Somalilandsun: A discernible presence of  women and minority clan’s representation in the Somaliland local councils and parliament continues to be the subject of interest among Stakeholders.

This can be exemplified by a meeting in Hargeisa where the three national political parties of Wadani, UCID and Kulmiye were engaged in discussions on the said by  nine Representatives from International Community members that support the Somaliland democratization process.

According to a statement issued by the opposition Wadani party the meeting which lasted for several hours was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa. Adding that

The two sides parleyed  in depth the process of holding local council and House of Representatives elections and how to speed up their preparations.
The meeting also brainstormed avenues that will ensure that  youth and women’s participation in politics and subsequently inclusion in the roster of candidates  in the forthcoming local councils and parliamentary  elections slated for April 2021.

Similarly, it was agreed on the imperatives of not only ensuring but actualizing the  political representation of the marginalized communities.
The WADDANI party was represented at the meeting by the interim chairman Mr. Abdikadir Haji Ismail Jirde, the party chief operating offiy Mr. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan and the private secretary Mr. Abdikadir Idle.
Representatives of the international community included those from the  embassies of Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, the European Union, the British Embassy in Hargeisa and other members. End

The issue of women and minority clan’s representation in the Somaliland political arena has been a thorny and lengthily one with efforts to ammendment  elections laws thus facilitate for their quota failing in parliament.

In justification of their rejection the MPs said All Somaliland Citizens are Equal

With the latest defeat of the women and minority quota bill by legislators in the house of representatives, the lower chamber of the bicameral Somaliland Parliament, the three political parties came up with an alternative.

This internal parties pledge will see  Wadani,UCID and Kulmiye each nominate six women as candidates thus 18  elected as members of parliament and one Representative from the ministry clans.

Currently their is only one female MP in the country out of the total quorum of 81

In Thier agreement of September 2020 the three national political parties stated  that

In cognizance of the negative impact the absence of  Women and marginalized  communities have in the country  as pertains representation in the national parliament and local councils , Somaliland’s three national parties, UCID, WADANI and KULMIYE hereby jointly agree that in the forthcoming elections

Signatories to Somaliland political parties’ agreement July 2020 L-R, Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe Chairman UCID Party, Muse Bihi Abdi President of Somaliland and Kulmiye party Chairman and Abdirahamn Mohamed Abdilahi Irro Chairman Wadani Party with VP Sayli 2nd L as witness
  1. It is mandatory that 18 women vie for parliamentary seats nationwide
  2. It is mandatory that 3 candidates from marginalized communities for parliamentary seats nationwide  and
  3. Both women and marginalized communities should nominate as many candidates as possible to vie for positions as Councillors during forthcoming local council elections. Read MORE