Somaliland: “I Hope Never to Miss a House Session on Flimsy Excuses” Warfaa


By: Yusuf M HasanMP Mahmud Jama Warfaa

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The newest member to join parliament’s house of representative has pledge prompt attendance in house sessions.

Mahmud Jama Warfaa was sworn-in by the high court in Hargeisa on the 25th June 2013 as a member of the House of Representatives which is Somaliland’s lower chamber of parliament to replace the late Ahmed Ibrahim Dahir “Ahmed-Weine” who passed away recently while a sitting member of the house.

MP Warfaa who took the opportunity to send condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the late Ahmed-Weine said that he will strive to emulate his predecessor who is never known to have missed a sitting of the house on flimsy reasons.

Said he, “I Hope Never to Miss a House Session on Flimsy Excuses thus emulate the steadfastness of my predecessor”

Having contested the parliamentary elections of 2005 which were held under the party list rule, Mr. Warfaa joins the ranks of elected members of parliament having been the third person on Kulmiye party’s reserve list for Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) region.

“The reserve list had the late Abdilahi Mahdi as #1 with sitting MP Abdilahi Black who replaced Abdiaziz Samale when he was appointed finance minister as #2 and me #3” said Warfaa in justification for his appointment by his Kulmiye party.

MP Warfaa who is also the deputy chair of the Kulmiye party Central Committee has been a long term member of the ruling party that saw him lose his assistant minister portfolio in 2004 after he joined the then opposition party Kulmiye while an appointee of the then ruling UDUB party.

“I never regret losing my portfolio of assistant information minister in the UDUB government in 2004 because I always believed as I do now that Kulmiye is the party of change for my country” Said the new MP

It is hoped that MP Mahmud Jama Warfaa who is incidentally also the first to be publicly sworn in by the High court shall be steadfast in his promise of being a regular participant in house business considering the laxity portrayed by the Honourables he joins who are perpetual absconders thus the now popular top quorum of between 45-30 from a total membership of 62.