Somaliland: “I Expect Substantiation” – Hoor-hoor


Ali Horhor

By: M. A. Egge

Hargeisa (THT) The Chief Executive Officer of the Berbera Ports Authority Eng Ali Mahmud Omar a.k.a Hoor-hoor has vehemently denied highly slanderous allegations that he paid the 58 MPs who voted for the roads levy tax bill (which since enacted into law).

The veteran technocrat equally demanded proof and substantiation of the unprecedented libelous allegations leveled to an individual with the malice touching on the August house and concerning bribery.

The port’s longest ever serving boss told members of the press in Hargeisa that those who were behind the rumours peddled reports that there was no palpabable development works done by his administration and the bribery one were only out to tarnish his personal integrity, name and ego.

“My name and personal integrity is clear to both in and outside the country”.

He said that despite being unblemished, his development works and experience speaks out for itself. While admitting that people in high echelons of public services in the society had their share of friends and foes, he swiped at the fact that people could go to such extents in the art of slanders just for malice.

He said that latest in building the capacity of the Berbera Port Authority has seen 2m dollars worth of projects that have greatly expanded the container and associated storages sectors.

He happily said that the modern storage system is at par with international standards hence the general staff and workers’ capacities were similarly world class.

Eng. Ali said that he cultivated his name and integrity and that no mere and petty mudslinging out to tarnish him would dwindle his abilities.

The engineer cautioned the media from giving in to ill-motives of detractors who were only out to undermine national progress.

He noted that the harbour has grown up from a small to self-sufficient port as far as its technical and general services are concerned.

He wondered at the level of naivety that created such lies which, as baseless as they were, held no waters at all.

“In such a post, the executive is only bent on progress of what he is tasked with and that of country at large.”