Somaliland: ‘I Aspire to be First MP Elected in Hudun” Ahmed Mahmud Aateye

Aspirant Ahmed Mahmud Aateye poxse with supporters in Hudun

Somalilandsun: Following the successful voter registration drive undertaken by the Somaliland national Elections Commission in Sool Region, Hudun district has become the first in the eastern region to have an aspirant declare parliamentary candidature

This development came during a large ceremony held in Hudun town where Ahmed Mahmud Aateye (Awoowe) declared that he will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Somaliland.

The event that was attended by local intellectuals, elders, youth, women, regional administration officials and supporters of the ruling Kulmiye party in Sool region ensued with wide acclamation for the aspirant and pledges of votes.

All speakers were unanimous in their support of the quest for Ahmed Mohamud Aateye election to represent the area in the Somaliland House of representatives who if successful will be the first member to be elected from Hudun.

Aateye who currently serves as legislator on selection basis since the 2005 parliamentary elections were never held in Sool region in its entirety due to then existing political issues now solved.

“At this beautiful gathering of intellectuals and elders in Hudun district, we announce the candidacy for Somaliland parliament of Ahmed Mohamud Aateye, who will be running on a ruling Kulmiye party ticket” said his campaign manager

NEC has slated the first ever Somaliland consolidated parliamentary and local councils for May 31st this year and the date pends presidential assent