Somaliland: HWA does not Manage EU Water Development Funds- Manager


Ibrahim S Younis

By M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun):-The manager of Hargeisa Water Agency Mr. Ibrahim Siad Yonis refuted claims that the Humbo-weine project was to divert the water to Geed-deeble.

He similarly denied allegations made by the Wadani political party that funds from EU for Hargeisa water supplies upgrading has been misappropriated.

He termed both the claims and allegations as mere lies based on flimsy political grounds. Mr. Yonis stated that there was at no any time whatsoever that Humbo-weine water project was being diverted to Geedeeble.

Secondly, he defended the HWA, saying that there was no fund from the EU that was misappropriated. “How could they be misappropriated whereas it was the EU which was managing the funds?” he asked.

Mr. Yonis however admitted that some estates in the city did receive more than their share of water considering that others never received even a drop of it.

He said that when the new project is completed, it would be able to service Mohamud Heibe and Ga’anLibah districts.

He elaborated that Sh. Khalifa foundation sponsored the Humbo-weine project by drilling 10 water boreholes such that water may reach the said districts.

“The first phase of the Ga’anlibah and M.Heibe boreholes are over”, he said.

He explained further, “The second phase of that same project that consists of the piping, pumping and associated supply is now under way”.

He said that it has to be noted that 7 agencies (NGOs) are charged with the EU Hargeisa water projects hence meet on weekly basis and that there was no way funds can be misappropriated.

He said the Wadani and other uncalled for comments are more often than not politicized. “It should be noted that the EU did not fund 40 but rather 15 million Euros”.