Somaliland: Humbo-Weine Water Supply to Alleviate Scarcity in the City


L-R Water Minister Hussein Ahmed and HWA Manager Ibrahim Younis 2

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The second phase of the Humbo-weine water supply project is being started, the water minister has announced.

Hon. Hussein Ahmed Abdillahi at the same time dispelled rumours that the water supply of this phase was being diverted to Geedeeble; the project is supposed to supply water to the eastern and southern parts of the city upon completion.

The minister said “I hereby ascertain to the populace that they should rest assured that the Humbo-weine water project is on course hence will supply designated areas”, and added, “The allegations that the water was being diverted to Geedeeble are baseless”.

He said that the Al-khalifa foundation was on course of continued construction and were implementing the project as planned.

The UAE government is the main sponsor of both phases of this project. The first phase consisted of the drilling of 10 water boreholes; which has since been successfully been completed.

“The initial pipes were changed since we felt they were smaller”, said the minister.

The minister who gave the revelations in a press conference was flanked by Hargeisa water agency manager Mr. Ibrahim Siad Yonis.

The water agency chief said that “We have just been informed of the UAE releasing the funds for the second phase which we have now signed to continue construction for the rest three months”.

He said that it was with effect from yesterday Tuesday the 14th of Jan 2014.

They both averred that with the completion of the project, much of the water scarcity in the city would have its problems alleviated.