Somaliland: Human Trafficker Dies Mysteriously in Ainabo


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By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
AINABO (Somalilandsun) – The lucrative Somaliland via Bossaso port human trafficking trade has lost a prominent linchpin
This follows the murder of the person said to be responsible for arranging transportation for illegal migrants from Ainabo town in the east of Somaliland to the Somalia Port of Bossaso in Punt land.
According to reports the body of the murdered human trafficker of Ethiopian nationality is laying at the Ainabo police station following its discovery at the town’s public transport sage.
Yet to be verified reports indicate that the human trafficker was murdered by a colleague after they disagreed over handling of a consignment of illegal migrant’s enroute to the Arabian Gulf via Bossaso port.
While Somaliland is utilized as a transit route by illegal migrants mostly from Ethiopia and as far as Sri lanka the town of Ainabo with three camps for such is an overtly covert prime centre for transportation to Bossaso.
Despite the fact that the illegal migration and human trafficking activities in Ainabo are an open secret official deterrence’s remain very absent
By the time of going to press neither the central government in Hargeisa nor regional authorities in Ainabo have issued a statement.