Somaliland: Human Rights Center Condemns the Transfer of Somaliland Citizen to Djibouti


Press release

Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland handed over citizen of Somaliland to Djibouti. Abdilaahi Sheikh Abdirahmaan Ibrahim was arrested in Hargeisa on 11th June this year. After days in detention, he was transferred to Djibouti.
The constitution of Somaliland prohibits handing over citizen to another country as stated in article 35(2) of the constitution. “It is worrying that citizen is just transferred into another country on the basis of nothing. There was no any law whatsoever that has been applied on this case. The government of Somaliland is obliged to protect its citizens and to respect the constitution” Says Mowlid Farah, the Executive Director of Human Rights Center.
Somaliland should return Abdilaahi back to Somaliland. The extradition procedure was not followed. There is no extradition treaty between Somaliland and Djibouti. Article 35 (3) of the constitution says “the Republic of Somaliland may extradite to their countries convicted or accused foreigners if there is a treaty between the Republic of Somaliland and the country requesting their extradition.” Abdilaahi was not convicted or accused foreigner, but citizen living in his own country, Somaliland. Therefore, the transfer of Abdilaahi has clearly violated Somaliland constitution and infringed his constitutionally guaranteed rights.
Abdilaahi’s family was not notified at the time of the transfer and they do not know his whereabouts and his conditions. The family is not able to communicate to him.
Djibouti’s human rights record is extremely worrisome. The Djibouti government uses torture which sometimes result death and the prison conditions are harsh. There are reports of prolonged pretrial detentions, denial of fair hearing and the judiciary is not independent. Putting Somaliland citizen under such danger is totally unacceptable.
• Human Rights Center calls the government of Somaliland to immediately return Abdilaahi Sheikh Abdirahmaan Ibrahim back to Somaliland,
• The government of Djibouti shall permit Abdilaahi’ family and the human rights organizations to visit him and shall ensure his safety and wellbeing,
• Human Rights Center requests the international human rights organizations to advocate for Abdilaahi Sheikh Abdirahmaan Ibrahim

Ms. Mulaho Mohamed Ali
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