Somaliland: Hubaal Duo Face Charges of Propagating False Information


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Two senior staffers of the Hubaal media group are to answer charges of publishing false information.

The two Chief Editor Mohamed Ahmed Jama ‘Aloley’ and editor Hasan Hussein Abdilahi have been informed by the Hargeisa regional attorney general that they are facing two counts of false information propagation.

This case brings another dimension to the Hubaal media group’s saga considering that they are currently not in circulation following a court order a fortnight ago ordering cessation of all operations not to mention that the media group offices were the scene of an attack by masked and armed men later identified as serving police officers.

In a letter Aloleyfrom the Hargeisa law courts, signed by Regional Attorney general Farhan Osman Mire and addressed to the two, sufficient proof abounds for their arraignment in court.

The court letter date 17th –June 2013 informs that the duo shall be informed of the date of their court appearance to answer charges as follow:

Count 1:

In the Hubaal newspaper issue 147 published on the 21st Jan 2013 you published an article purporting that taking advantage of diplomatic privileges Ethiopian diplomatic staff based in Hargeisa are involved in the smuggling of illicit drugs (Alcohol and Hashish-Cannabis sativa).

This information which can not only be detrimental to existing diplomatic relations with the neighbouring was also geared towards assassinating the character of the Ethiopian diplomats in the country.

You the aforementioned editors of Hubaal media group are to be charged for contravening section 10, 12, 13 &14 of the media laws #27/2004.H Hussein

Count 2:

You the afore mentioned are jointly accused of propagating false information on issue 262 published 10 June 2013 that purporting that the head of the republic of somaliland H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is sickly and has relinquished duties to a minister at the presidency.

The regional Attorney General who informed the duo that dates for their court appearance shall be communicated at a later date also revealed that the prosecution shall present 3 witnesses namely:

1. Dahir Muse Abraar – Officer-in-charge CID

2. Mohamed Nuur Kariiye – Crime investigator-CID

3. Hubaal newspapers issue 147 & 262