Somaliland: HRC Condemns the Arrest of a Journalist in Berbera


Press release

Somalilandsun – On 1st April 2015, journalist was arrested in Berbera town of Saahil region in Somaliland. Ahmed Saed Mohamed who is a reporter for Kalsan TV was arrested by the regional authorities of Saahil. He is not formally charged of any crime. Ahmed was arrested after he reported story related to management dispute allegedly between Berbera Port Authorities and the Regional Finance Department, journalist in Berbera told HRC. Today, 2nd April 2015, Ahmed was remanded seven days in prison by Berbera court.
Human Rights Centre (HRC) condemns the arrest of Ahmed and demands the immediate release of the journalist. Freedom of media is guaranteed by Somaliland constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is the responsibility of the authorities to respect their constitution.
“Since this year, Ahmed is the fourth journalist arrested in Berbera. The authorities in the region exercise excessive and abusive power over the journalists,” says Guleid Ahmed Jama, chairperson of Human Rights Centre. “Berbera Port is the main source of revenue for the government. Whenever journalists talk about resource related topic, they are very like to receive suppression,” he adds.
HRC is very concerned the persistent intolerance of the government towards the media. In last two years, the government of Somaliland banned four newspapers (Haatuf, Somaliland Times, Hubaal iyo The Independent).

HRC calls on the government to release Ahmed Saed Mohamed immediately.
Guleid Ahmed Jama Chairperson, Human Rights Centre email: Mobile: +252 (0) 63 4102244 Hargeisa Somaliland