Somaliland: How Comes A Packet of B&H Costs $1 in Hargeisa and $10 in London


Wonders Mo Ali of Medeshi as he argues that smoking expired cigarettes and chewing Khat is a public health hazard
Chewing Khat and smoking cheap expired cigarettes is the norm for most in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- “Citizens of Somaliland need to be made aware of the health effects of smoking and chewing khat-
According to Mo Ali Medeshi , the dumping of expired cigarettes sold cheaply by international companies, that use aggressive advertising methods is a looming danger to health of the public.
In a public Heath awareness raising article Medeshi also says the habit of chewing of Khat, a herbal stimulant imported from Ethiopia at a cost half a million daily is not only another major public health hazard but detrimental to the Somaliland economy.
Seemingly perturbed the London based blogger wonders “how a packet of Benson&Hedges that costs $10 in the U.K. sells at $1 in Somaliland”
This caution comes in the heels of international media criticism of BAT a giant tobacco company African marketing strategies that target countries emerging from civil war “where expired cigarettes are sold cheaply”
Mo Ali Medeshi wonders on how a packet of BH cigarettes costs 10 in London and a dollar in Hargeisa “ People die daily in Somaliland but of undiagnosed diseases. Much of it could be caused by smoking” argues Mo Ali in his piece titled Medeshi raises health awareness issues in Somaliland