Somaliland: House of Representatives Kicks-off 18th Session


By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Parliament’s lower house of representatives has officially opened its 18th session.

Following the official opening by Hon Bashe Mohamed Farah, the first deputy speaker of the house ,members of parliament were distributed the agenda for the 18th session, which they were asked to read carefully thus get a grasp of contents for meaningful debate.

Members of The House of Representatives will in the course of the 18th session deal with the following issues which were in the agenda circulated:

  1. Recap of the 17th session by house’s Standing committee and various sub-committees

  2. Legal programs submitted during the 17th session

The honourable members will also be called upon to debate then approve or reject the following laws

  1. Sanitation law, more specific to meat

  2. Traffic law

  3. Anti-corruption and good governance law

  4. Commercial Banking law

  5. Islamic banking law

  6. Statistics law

Other activities include

  1. Government financial statement for the years 2008,2009 & 2010

  2. Amendments to parliamentary by-laws

As usual the members of the house of representatives will also

• be briefed by various government officials as per status and activities past, ongoing and future of the institutions they head

• approve new senior appointments made by the president and

• A.O.B

Though the house of representative which has been on recess for two months did not manage to have a full quorum during the first day of the 18th session as ordered by a letter circulated by clerk to the house, members present surpassed the required 42 members.

Among notable absentee was the house speaker Hon Abdirahman Irro who is now reported to be in the UAE following his departure from Europe where he was campaigning for his newly registered WADANI political party