Somaliland: Horn Stars Band Jumpstarts International Day of Peace 2014


Press Statement

Somalilanders are to reckon with their successful homegrown peacefully Reconciliation under the Acacia Tree

Somalilandsun – On behalf of the UN, Horn Stars Band invites all people in Somaliland and the region to honor a cessation of hostilities during the International Day of Peace and afterwards. We commemorates the Day through music in raising public awareness on issues related to peace.
Our Message
“There is no way to peace. Peace is the Way.” A.J. Muste. Human Rights are the guiding principle of our peace work. Dignities of each individual, interaction with those are unable to meet societal expectations, and norms of rights indicate the extent of peace and democracy in a society. The theme for this year acknowledges the Right of Peoples to Peace, with its central message that humanity’s sustainable progress and the realization of fundamental rights and freedoms depend on peace and security.
“History has shown that, no matter how fierce, conflict can end, peace can prevail and reconciliation can triumph. On 21 September, at concerts around the world — in major cities and small towns, in conflict zones and peaceful communities – people will broadcast this essential message. They will celebrate the value of human diversity and the strength of our unity.” Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations.
Somalia’s once vibrant cultural sector has been all but destroyed, and many talented poets, playwrights, artists and writers have left the country. To cover that, gap our team uses Music for Conflict Transformation (MCT) which is a special Music methodology that creates a safe space allowing discussion of normally taboo subjects such as the drivers of conflict, women’s rights, and radical Islam.
Horn Star Band is a 21-member musical group devoted to PEACE BUILDING, developing and enhancing Somali culture and arts. Through our work, the Band has explored topics and issues such as peace, anti-terrorism, education, human rights, gender equality, democracy and combating piracy, poverty. Since its foundation in 2004, Horn Stars Band has performed at various festivals held inside Somalia and overseas, including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda.
The band, despite the gloomy circumstances of the country has rescued their audiences from chronic public squalor and hence succeeded to attract the soul and the heart of the Somali populace in the region and the Diaspora. Now, Horn Stars is the most popular Musicians in all charts in the region. The Band will engage with the people of the region, their communities and governments. Together, we are in demand of the right of peoples to peace. Therefore, it is our understanding that encounters, overcoming hostility and reconciliations are important steps towards peace.
Activities of the Event
Over that Day, we need to unite as a human family to deliver the right to peace by encouraging fighters to lay down their arms. We will unite in solidarity with the civilians killed by terrorism, human trafficking, piracy and war. And we will firmly stand, side by side, with the distressed families whose homes and futures lie in ruins.
This event of the World Peace Day will be held at the “
Freedom Open Square” Hargeisa, Somaliland. We are expecting about 18,000 audiences to attend the event and to broadcast it LIVE on national televisions for over 1.5 million spectators. Prominent government ministries, civil society leaders, and religious scholars will be invited as key speakers.