By: Abdihakim Ahmed Ali

DAR ES SALAAM (Somalilandsun) – Personality principle is a positive quality that helps people produce beyond their dreams. Great characters from the past have stimulated me a lot. After the success of Burao ALLAH has given us huge accountability to save Somaliland; people have high hopes, many emotional scenes were observer, and civil society showed up in great numbers, enthusiasm was on the peak.

But things went wrong and Somalilanders hope falls down and wishes of the nation become unpredictable, public opinion worried about the future of this country, because the immature political system with circumstance economic prospective, accordingly government which doesn’t have international recognition and people aware that we are still least under developing countries. Thus notion’s hope is going downward even it seems not recover unless we have a pen not tribe and in additional a leader. As we had enough time for routine situation natives become tried for this condition and people keep asking what is wrong with Somaliland but still this question arise and citizens not yet to answer, although we being familiar with that Somaliland have had four president in the office, we may agree first two leaders (Tuur and Egal) were made the skeleton and the structure of the government and they did some and they miss some. The Rayale time was excellent for Somaliland to be in best moment and to get prosperity, riches, wealth, and people would enjoy more, other than corrupted, steal, and plunder unfortunately the people of power were misused and miss presented the nation’s legitimate. Look, what they result in Somaliland there no proper education system, no health care ant the most horrible thing is there luck of water in capital city and 80% nation are thirsty forget about frustration, and other big projects. Just look the road of capital Somaliland Hargeisa even it was better the time of Rayale regime

Sadly Current government of Somaliland is pathetic, ineffective, hopeless government in additional the population judge and influence their mind what we call Tribe. Although tribe was eradicated in Rayale time but the current government and Silanyo system renewed what we left years ago you can see to very child in Somaliland taste the tribe meaning and says to his/her friends our tribe is more than your tribe, or our tribe is support our candidate because he/she is my tribe no matter whether he/she is bad of good educated or not, we elected him/her only one reason (My tribe). Thus Silanyo and his cabinet destroy the country and they are leading the wrong way. Our old, traditional habit is still there (dishonest, fraud, plunders) and even it may increase since Mohamed Hashi Elmi left the ministry of finance.

We are saying are Silanyo is hero, but hero is identified in difficulties. When others tell him “You can’t”, he says: “I will”. This is self faith which assist one find his own concealed potential. Citizens should help in our way to making difference and picking a right an idea that country will benefit. It’s up to us decided whether we put our effort to challenge in developed world and make a way of your dreams. Does Silanyo have these qualities? The answer is No.

We should have a courageous and brave that always twists out as a trend setter. It is time to make a fresh start towards the reconstruction and building of Somaliland. It is time to choose which way you want Somaliland to go, brimming with fresh ideas for the welfare of the common man. Whenever elections held in Somaliland, it will be an opportunity to pick a right leader. It will be a time to reject the repetitive and selfish ways of feudal politics. It will be a time for a genuine change a change that will not roll on the wheels of inevitability, but will come through a sustained and concentrated campaign for justice and rights. John Gardiner once said, “A cynic says one man can’t do anything. I say only one man can do anything”. So true to many, Somaliland need a leader that is the only hope left for our drowning and bleeding country a courageous and upright politician,

It is moment that nation must distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, truth and dishonesty. Like Martin Luther King, said “the time is always right to do the right thing”. This appropriately is relevant to us today. The time is right for the cleansing of our governance systems. The time has never been better for holding public servants accountable for their thefts and plunder. Those who hand over public trust and tarnished the image of Somaliland must be taken to task, in accordance with the rubbish constitution and the will of the people of our country, It the time to use the power of pen, now its moment for youth to change nation hope and carry into PEN brings our hope back, to encourage elders, neighbors and fellows with solid reasoning and strong influence in favor of Somaliland. We have had hard times as fine that principal. Now it’s time to remain very ethical and mannered while defending your ideas. Be responsible, it is now our duty to get rid of culprits and plunderers through ballot. It’s time to bring Justice, Humanity and Self esteem to this divine land as it deserves.

I am sure that still, some of you may not be convinced. But what if, your role in this taking a pen helped Somaliland to get itself better development, get a better Image Globally, and may help you one day get a better future, or your work helped improved the life of one family in Somaliland? It begins with you helping put a new idea replaced the old one, if that is the chance, would you get involved? Because that is the stake, and only you can make it happen. “The Power is yours!

Last, I would like to conclude with bright and hopeful for the nation. O ‘Allah possibly will Somaliland need Leader and that make Somaliland to become united, have faith in you and us and give us courage to accomplish our goal. Let us be brave enough to sacrifice the whole thing for Somaliland and .O Allah remain us division of Muslim Ummah and unite as an Ummah, be collectively, and be dead set against to plunderers of resources and be honest and keep equality a principle to distribute the wealth of the nation to all. Allah guides us to seek the source of wisdom and knowledge through Quran and Sunnah.

Abdihakim Ahmed Ali

Facebook: Abdihakim Caynab Aamuss


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