Somaliland: Honouring Mother’s Day with Edna



Somalilandsun – Last year, donations made for Mother’s Day were able to do so much for the mothers and children of Somaliland.

As Mother’s Day in the United States approaches this year, we at the Edna Adan Hospital Foundation want to let you know about the important work that has been accomplished at Edna’s Hospital this past year, work that was made possible by your generous donations.

Remarkable Stories

Hussein is a 10-month-old boy from Hargeisa who was born at Edna Hospital with spina bifida, a condition where a portion of the spinal cord is exposed. The outcome of the surgery was successful. Thanks to the work of Dr. Shukri and a visiting surgeon named Dr. Bransford, his prognosis is good.

Abdirahman is a one-year-old boy from Garowe, Somalia. He was born with hydrocephalus, a condition marked by an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. A shunt was inserted to drain the fluid by Dr. Shukri. Abdirahman will require a follow-up visit in six months, but the prognosis so far is good.

Nimco is a 25-year-old woman who gave birth via cesarean section at the hospital due to obstructed labor. Both mom and baby are doing great! This was her second child and her first daughter.

Hamda* is a 21-year-old woman from a village near Hargeisa. She completed her midwifery and post-basic midwifery training at Edna Hospital and graduated last year. She has continued working at the Hospital after graduation. Hamda has four brothers and one sister living; her mother lost two babies during childbirth. Her mother delivered her children at home without a skilled birth attendant, assisted only by a few elderly women from the village. Hamda doesn’t know exactly what went wrong during the births, but knowing the loss her family felt from the experience gave her the drive to learn more proper childbirth procedures and help women safely birth their children. She has already assisted in approximately 70 births. The diet in Somaliland is very poor; pregnant women eat a lot of rice and pasta, and not enough meat and vegetables.

As a result, many babies are underweight. Hamda especially likes the opportunity to educate mothers about making healthy choices during and after pregnancy and taking excellent care of newborn infants.

To help the Edna Hospital and create a unique mother’s day gift, here are five simple steps to follow.

1- Go to
2- Select the “Donate” tab.
3- Make a donation in your mother’s name by selecting “in honor of…”
4- Type a dedication and then send.
5- Know that you’ve given a long-lasting, meaningful gift that will help mothers and children across Somaliland!

We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you so much for continuing to support the Edna Adan Hospital Foundation!.

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