Somaliland Holds National Job Creation Strategic Workshop


Somalilandsun – The government of Somaliland is pursuing avenues to revamp in its entirety, the country’s human resources development and management strategies.

To jumpstart this broad based program a two days workshop national stakeholders with the objective of establishing guidelines geared towards creation of jobs, more so for youths took place in Hargeisa.

A EU Rep addresses the Somaliland Job Creation Strategic workshop

Organized by the ministry of Employment creation and family affairs with support from  the European Union and various other organizations the workshop, pooled its participants from government agencies, International and local non state actors, private sectors, intellectuals and politicians as well as traditional and religious leaders.

Following vigorous discussions participants were unanimous on a large number of areas that require attention with priority given to

  1. Ensuring that Foreigners are not given jobs that Somaliland citizens can perform.
  2. Review our formal and non formal education  system to ensure that it conforms to international standards, more so as pertains skills training and
  3. Establish conducive channels for graduate youths to secure business start-up loans with ease.

The above three main points and numerous others of import were pledged full government support by president Muse Behi Abdi who was guest of honour.

“Relevant departments within my administration shall fully undertake realization of agreed points” said the Somaliland head of state adding that employment creation for youths shall remain a constant agenda.

Alluding to allegations circulating that his administration has ignore youth employment related issues, president Bihi stated that the fact was to the contrary.

“I have been in office for less than a year and within this short time my administration’s priorities have been enhancing national security, as well as education and health sectors” adding that this thinking was driven by knowledge that if security was non-existent while floppiness within education and health sectors abound nobody will be in a position to think about job hunting or gainful employment.

Participants at the Somaliland Job Creation Strategic workshop

While acknowledging that the Somaliland labour market hosts a large number of foreigners, the president said that most employers especially within the private sector and non state actors usually claim that relevant expertise they require does not exist locally.

Said he, “If we are to succeed in creating job opportunities for our graduate youths it is imperative that those within government issuing foreigners with work permits first ensure that “Such are not available within our country”

According to the head of state the only route towards availing our youths with all opportunities for accessing jobs now held by expatriates, it is imperative that the Somaliland education system undergo changes thence bring it to per internationally.

On the subject of youths accessing loans to establish businesses, it was acquiesced that the main constrain is not lack of banks catering for such, but the stringent conditions set by the lending institutions.

Said he “It is a fact that banks require fulfillment of certain conditions before giving out loans which we all know is not selfishness but avenues to protect their funds” adding that his administration shall try to reach some arrangements thence have the conditions less stringent.

At the same time president Bihi urged the public to desist from the ingrained notion that once somebody attains a position in government then it is a license to corruptly eat big.

“I hereby inform members of the public that public service is not license to loot but one that requires diligence” aid president Muse Bihi while promising the public that corruption in his administration is a no go area.

From left Education minister Prof Yassin Faraton, President Bihi and Employment creation and family affairs minister Hinda Jama Gani at the Somaliland Job Creation Strategic workshop
Participants at the Somaliland Job Creation Strategic workshop 2