Somaliland: History is identity and Disregarding it means Practising Failure


Somalilandsun- History are all about events happened to us, it is our fruit and failure which is bygone. Every humans and non-humans have their memoir. Moreover, no man can not acquire (Sheik, Dr, Prof) unless, he/she has excellent historical background to that asserted domain. Consequently, we can realise: history is profile of our life. No history, therefore, no soul or nation considered as paramount. I Contemplated here some evidence Historian quoted about significance of history, according to David McCullough, American historian, stated that “History is who we are and why we are the way we are”. As well as, Robert Heinlein (1984) claimed this ““A generation which ignores history has no past and no future”. So we can recognise currently that history is our torch which we utilise to grasp our future insight.


Our young Somalilanders know little about history of their ancestry land. Even though, the country have been under reconstruct due to civil wars, and education system were abolished, but in latter that, in last 26 years, our schooling has been going, the students take history as subject, so it is wonder that our young are mostly familiar only commemorated days include– 18 May, 26 June and other prevalent days. Thus, is it adequate for us knowing only celebrating days? the answer is no, we must learn our history enormously, in order to avoid past error to recurrent again, as British Political theorist, Edmund Burke, said that “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”.

Furthermore, on March 8th, president Musa Bihi shed tears due to he had reminisced about the strain, genocide and long struggle that SNM and people of Somaliland incurred from Sayid Bare regime. Whereas one was astonish: why did the emotion of the president change? also They posted in social media joking pictures. While, there were citizens shed tears analogous with president.

To describe this circumstances, someone may say that there is ideological difference among our society by referring executing of multi-party system, but in common sense, patriotism and history of struggle for liberty are something that all the citizens should same and view in equally manner, I can affirm that the problem is insufficient knowing about our History, particularly to youngsters.

Ultimately, I suggest to young Somalilanders, individuals younger than me or same aging, learning our history is very vital for us. Meanwhile, it is our identity, and our success in tomorrow and future as entirely. Without knowing the past, we will stray future as well. Then, How we can mug up our history? My recommendation is: we must listen carefully to our elders, also, you are able to find more in written books and internet.

Khaliil Cabdi Maxamuud Axdar-Cabqari

On the other side, the Somaliland ministry of information can promote awareness regarding to our times gone; by generating series documentary films on the national TV or Radio. As well, Ministry of education must detect notes regarding to Somaliland history units in the curriculum, whether they are enough or there is necessity to improve.

By:Khaliil Cabdi Maxamuud Axdar-Cabqari

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