Somaliland: Hiss Port Faces Isolation and Sand Induced Extinction


Sand is slowly swallowing residential and commercial buildings in Hiis port-Photo by Yusuf M Hasan

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – The ancient port of Hiis in the eastern Sanaag region of Somaliland is currently inhabited by a couple of families and a contingent of Coast guards.

The depleted inhabitation of the port town which is originally physically isolated is being exacerbated by the massive influx of sand that has so far resulted in the completed envelopment of residential and commercial buildings.

 Massive boulders of rock mountains provide total near total isolation to the port of Hiis-Photo by Yusuf M Hasan

Hiis whose nearest centre for supply is the sister port of town of Mayd situated around 35 kms to the East is surrounded by big mountains of made of stones on one side and the gulf of Aden on the other thence its total isolation made more so by the rough terrain.

To perceive the near extinction of the ancient port town one needs visit the local school situated a km away which now lays fallow teachers and students having absconded the town for want of better conditions.

Hiis school closed after students and teachers desert the port town-Photo by Yusuf M Hasan

The port town whose nearest human neighbours are 40 Kms away to the south i.e. the trading centre of ‘Gudmo Biyo As’ where Sh Samaroon is Buried and home to the wonder of flowing water that is both hot and cold means that getting a cup of milk is like a Palestinian getting into Tel-Aviv.

The only remedy to salve the historical port town is to have the government turn it into a full naval garrison and preferably its eastern command base.

Rough terrain provides further Isolation photo by Yusuf m Hasan