Somaliland: Hirsi Congratulates Sports Champions


By: M.A.EggeHirsi (C)and the captains

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Minister of the Presidency Mr. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan congratulated the winner of the provincial soccer tournament Maroodi-jeh which won in a penalty shot-out against Haud by 6-5.

In a press conference the minister said both teams have shown maturity having reached the final in the second year consecutively.

In another development Hon. Hersi praised the Gabiley basket ball team who won the provincial basket ball competition at Tima-adde basket ball court in Hageisa.

According to web site The minister of the presidency flanked by his counter parts in the Ministry of Finance, Fishery and Sports held a dinner party for both teams who reached the final Marodi-jeh and Haud at the Maansoor Hotel.

Quoting the minister, “I’am congratulating you for your win and what you have shown of your character at the competition since you are the ambassadors of the regions you represent”. Advising the teams Hon. Hersi noted that there always had to be a pre-ordained winner hence the need to show good behaviour.

He lastly wished them the best in their endeavors.