Somaliland: Help Rectify Erroneous Information About Our Country Posted by Wikipedia


Somalilandsun – A patriotic Somalilander , Mustafa Hussein disturb by the negative and non fact based information about Somaliland posted by Wikipedia the 6th most visited website in the world.

Below is a letter to the effect sent to our newsroom by Patriot Hussein which shall certainly, it is hoped .awaken the wrath of landers worldwide where they it is again hoped that they shall do the needful and do it fast

Dear Mr. Yusuf
I am a daily follower of your respected website, and I thank you for your hard work and clear commitment to the case of Somaliland. I just want to point your attention into the website of Wikipedia; almost all articles related to Somaliland are clearly biased to Puntland and khatumo’s point of view.
It misrepresents and misleads the average reader to believe faults information that contradicts the fact on the ground. Many Somali and non-Somali people take their information from this site (winch is the 5th most visited website in the world),
I myself believed at some point the made up articles that obviously deceive Somalilanders and Somalian nations alike.
I did my best trying to edit couple pages (Somaliland and Puntland territorial dispute, Sanaag and somehow Sool). However, I am a college student who just finished his freshman year; I don’t have resources, documents, preferences, links or experience to present my case.
That is why I am writing this message, as I am sure a proud and patriotic Somalilander like you will not allow such fabrication and propaganda disgrace the picture of our beloved country of Somaliland.
I encourage you to deal with this issue and dispatch a special team of your respected journalist to deal with this urgent matter. I have no doubt that you already know the influence of media in our world today, and thus, I hope you take an action against our enemies who do whatever they possibly can to undermine our country.

PS: it would be great if you present articles that show information about Somaliland cities, only Puntland and Somalia’s cities have long and good articles.

Best regards

Mustafa Hussein