Somaliland: Heavyweights Resign from Government


Resgined from Top Left ministers Hirsi, Mohamed Behi, Abdiwahid, Abdirazaq, Aideed and Ms Qawdan/ hadhwanaag photo

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – Nine Senior officials in the government of President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo have resigned in huff.

The resignations has a majority from members of the cabinet are

1. Hirsi Haji Ali minister of the presidency

2. Mohamed Behi Yonis- Minister of Foreign Affairs

3. Hussein Aided- Minister of Justice

4. Dr Abdi Aw Dahir- minister of Labor and Social Affairs

5. Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed – Minister of Public Works and Housing

6. Nimo Qawdan –Deputy minister Resettlement and Rehabilitation

7. Abdiwahid Abdirahman – deputy minister of Labor and Social Affairs

8. Ahmed Suleiman Duhul- Presidential Spokesperson and

9. Mawlid Waris Abdilahi – Director General ministry of Industry

While no reason was given for the surprising resignations sources indicate that they are related to orders sued by the presidency for all senior government officials to give their support to the candidacy of Musa Behi as Kulmiye party nominee for Somaliland presidential candidate

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While the outgoing foreign minister is a contestant for Kulmiye nomination as presidential candidate it is not clear how he shall pursue the post since his membership in the ruling party’s central committee, a prerogative for nomination, was courtesy of his ministerial post.

As for the others who are all heavyweights in the government and ruling party stalwarts the most surprising rogation is that of Hirsi Haji who has been the most powerful minister in the Silanyo government

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