Somaliland: Health Ministry in Vaccination Campaign Appraisal


president Ahmed Silanyo was the first  adult  to to receive polio vaccination in Somaliland/file

By: A.A Jama

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Health ministry has held a meeting to view if vaccination dosages reach the target areas within regions of the republic of Somaliland during vaccination exercise

At a meeting with the objective of Ministry of health internal vaccination campaign Health minister Dr. Suleiman Essa Ahmed Haglotosiye said that it was imperative to assess what difficulties we encountered as well as what achievements were garnered as pertains to how and when polio and other vaccination doses reached target beneficiaries nationwide thence better services in future.

Dr. Saleman appealed to the organizations working with the ministry of health to continue support in order for the vaccination dosage to reach all the communities in the country.

Among those who attended this meeting were the regional coordinators of the ministry of health and partner international and local organizations.