Somaliland: Health Minister Grilled by Permanent Committee in the House of Representatives


Minister Dr Hagaltosie

By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The permanent committee in the House of Representatives held a closed door session probing the conduct of Health Minister Dr. Suleiman Isse Ahmed Haglatosie when he answered summons requiring among others to shed light on the circumstances leading to denial of license offering medical knowhow & functions ancillary thereto to Dr. Ali Maow Aweys on Wednesday in parliament building in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

The grilling session which was held out of press glare at the committee chambers took more than an hour with address to waiting journalists provided by Health Minister Dr. Haglatosie & the deputy chairman of the committee Hon. Ahmed Duale upon adjourning the session.

Dr. Haglatosie in briefing the press about his interrogation with the legislative watchdog revealed that he gave a detailed explanation on his role as a minister from the start of his tenure.

The Minister also confirmed that he had furnished the committee on the reasons of Dr. Maow’s denial to operate in the country. Said he;

“As you are aware I was summoned by the parliamentary committee that wanted to know my role as a minister during my tenure with particular reference to Dr. Maow’s saga. I informed the members that it was I who facilitated his ease entry into the country by way of drafting a letter to whomever it concerned to allow him access our land but did not at any given time give him the mantle to treat sick people as that function falls within the purview of National Health Professional Commission (NHPC) that is empowered to issue licenses to medical practitioners”.

Dr. Haglatosie was also categorical on the mandate of NHPC in relation to the Doctor’s reasons of coming to the country hence resulting to either granting or denying issuance of the license saying;

“It is the exclusive powers of the professional commission that upon acknowledging the reasons advanced in the application to practice, verify academic credentials in additional to professional testimonials that a just and rational decision is reached”.

The Minister also rubbished rumors that his Deputy in the ministry Hon. Nimo Qowdan revoking the Doctor’s practice that was allegedly approved by him, vowing;

“Those are but rumors circulating in the streets, but how can my Deputy rescind a directive that I had authorized? Executive powers rest on me to the exclusion of anyone as I am fully in charge of the docket”.

When put to task on weather his signature was appended on the purported document licensing the Doctor’s practice, the Minister countered;

“I kindly ask you to refer the letter first, in fact the Doctor lied that he is a gynecologist yet he isn’t one. I once again tell you that I wrote a letter to allow him come to the country and not a green light to operate”.

The Vice Chairman of the Committee Hon. Ahmed Duale also offered time to press on probing the Minister insisting that there were apparent loopholes & overlaps in roles between the different officials that call for urgent overhaul.