Somaliland: Head of Local Elections Commission of Erigavo Found Dead in Hargeisa Hotel


late Mahmud Ali Madoobe

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Mr. Mohamud Ali Madoobe who was the head of local elections commission of Erigavo was found dead in a Hargeisa hotel yesterday .

Mr . Mohamud was dead for two days when the hotel staff became suspicious and reported about him locked inside. Sources from Hargeisa have informed us that the car of the deceased is missing and that wounds have been found on the backside of his body. Two of the hotel staff are also reported arrested for the case . Police have not released any information about the cause of death of the commissioner , but relatives said that Chinese medical team in Hargeisa are carrying out autopsy on the body of the deceased to find out the cause of death.

Mr. Mohamoud was a Swedish/Canadian national of Somaliland origin and hails from Erigvao. He had served in the Somaliland election commission in Erigavo during the last year local elections.

Our hearts are with the family of the deceased and we would like to send our condolences to the relatives and the children of Mr. Mohamud and pray to God that his soul rests in peace.

By: Medeshi