Somaliland: Haysimo-Taleeh Move in the Right Direction



Somalilandsun – The establishment of Haysimo region has come at the most opportune time. This news lightens all our hearts since the inhabitants of Taleeh region have now not only the opportunity to chart out a better future for themselves but for the development of their posterity.

We are happy for the people of Haysimo hence wish them all the best for the challenges ahead.
Of course we know that stability and all harmonious peaceful settlings are the main centre core whose pith feeds other developmental aspects of all socio-eco-political fabrics.
Health, education, infrastructures and all associated factors of progress are able to be achieved and realized in a faster way mainly when decentralized administration is enabled in the background of peaceful stability.
However slow the painstaking efforts of prosperity may entail, it is an excellent thing that has happened for Taleeh people and Somaliland at large.
We take the opportunity to congratulate them and at the same time thank the President for the positive step he has taken.
All Somalilanders, regardless of their political and economical backgrounds, are members of one family.
It is incumbent upon us all to keep the families as one single unit and work hand in hand, and in togetherness, to chart our way forward.
More import is the need to pep up our efforts in the foreign and interior sectors, just as we should in the upgrading of infrastructure country-wide.
Our solidarity and stability will help pressurize the lobbying of recognition and primarily, catalyze the influx of investments into this country.
On the other hand, members of main-stream opposition should think more of the country instead of playing cheap politics. In the same vein, government officials should be true to their duties and step-up diligence.
An area that, for instance, needs addressing is the demarcation of physical administrative boundaries.
The parliament should heed the Guurti warning that the registration processes would beat reason hence not be feasible if demarcations are not outlined.
Frankly, from all legal, political and simple logical reasoning, yes, the GUURTI view is not only accurate, but MUST be seriously considered.
Before politicians start crying foul sooner rather than later, they should know quite well that even the election schedule will not be adhered to.
Instead of bickering, witch-hunting or dealing in the trivial issues, politicians should be sensitive enough to the plight of the country and take their cue as per priority by rising to occasions.
With the Guurti timely warning, they should do the necessary. We don’t want to see them later hollering over issues that they created before-hand hence of their own making.