Somaliland: Having Fleeced the Department of Civil Aviation Mohamud Hashi Lacks Moral Authority to Question Current Leadership

Mahmud Hashi ejected from kulmiye party he helped found accuses president Bihi of dictatorship

Somalilandsun: Mr. Mohamud Hashi is a moron and hypocrite, who became rich in Somaliland standard by fleecing Somaliland Civil Aviation Department. He was the inner circle of a small group of mediocre politicians and greedy merchants from East Burao/ Ceel Afweyne using the Silanyo administration—-the most corrupt administration in the history of Somaliland, to systematically rob the Somaliland government. That administration had allegedly looted and embezzled public money, land, buildings, and given away our infrastructures with little or no money.

When he was Aviation Secretary, he allegedly accepted payoff and embezzled agency’s money, including airport, landing and passenger fees, parking concessions  fees, and money on expanding the runways. He replaced experienced civil aviation and airport security staff with ignorants from the Ceel Afweyn area.

And now, he has the audacity to hold a press conference in Hargeisa, and to badmouth about a democratically elected president of Somaliland, @musebiihi. Only in Somaliland could this type of moron have ambition to run for a president, because of the special taste Somaliland people had on clan identity.

In any other country—-Mr. Mohamud would have been in a orange jump suit in a jail and facing for trial for his alleged crimes of corruption, fraud, embezzlement, theft and abuse of  power, or would have been convicted and in penitentiary serving time for his crimes. However, Mr. Mohamud is entitled to a due process, a fair trial and his day in court if that happens.

Mr. Mohamud deserves to be held accountable for his alleged misdeeds. We need a special prosecutor to investigate him on allegations of corruption, fraud, theft, and the power abuse, and instigating the communal violence in his home district Ceel-Afweyn. But the chance of that happening is slim, because the government has no monopoly on violence. Read more….