Somaliland Has Sufficient Capabilities to Thwart External Threats


By |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein DeyrCurrent and Future Defence

Somalilandsun – “Somaliland is today more stronger than ever before to endure any threat or thwarting from the Failed State of Somalia”

1. Our independence and sovereignty are sacred and Non-negotiable:

The independence and sovereignty of the Somaliland Republic are sacred and non-negotiable. The people of the Somaliland Republic will never ever make another historic and costly mistake; they will never fall again into another trap of their own making by sacrificing the hard-won independence and sovereignty for the sake of an unfruitful and counterproductive concept of the Greater Somalia. The will-power and self-determination of Somaliland’s people for their independence and statehood outweighs than any other plausible issue whatever it might be. This is an act of courage and daring that reflects our values as a nation as well as our resolute ability TO SAY NO to anyone who tries to undermine our national interests, no matter how powerful they are!!

To those uninformed or badly informed, and to those who are not aware of who we are and what we are capable of: Somalilanders are born survivors. In the past, we have survived much worse situations than now. Our people are the masters of the art of survival. Our country is strong enough to deal with any threat or thwarting from whoever it might be, regardless of their military, material or economic power. No one on earth can intimidate or threaten this great nation. Their bravery, determination and iron strong soul power shall prevail.

Infantry on the march

When our honour and existence are at stake, we know exactly how to deal with our enemy. We know of no shrinking back from our enemies. Merciless thrashing and huge deterrent force are the unique and valiant characters of our people. The Somaliland people cannot to be intimidated by nature. Interference from outside, undermining our right to exist (raison d’être) and the enemy’s challenges are the very things that make our people even more strong.

President Silanyo (C) the Commander in Chief is fully committed to protecting somaliland

The State of Somaliland received its independence from Great Britain on 26th June 1960, by Royal Proclamation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In compliance with UN’s procedures to decolonization of former colonies, the official documents establishing the transfer of sovereignty to the Somaliland people were deposited with the United Nations. After the dissolution of the hasty and unsuccessful union with Somalia of the 1960 that never enjoyed a legal basis, in 1991 Somaliland reinstated to its sovereign state in 26th June 1960. In conformity with International principles for Statehood, Somaliland’s stance on its right to be independent and sovereign state stands on a solid ground. Somaliland has a very solid legal ground of seeking and demanding tirelessly international recognition. I believe that the international community is making a very serious mistake by ignoring the reality on the ground in the Horn of African Region.


2. Dealing with an unpredictable geo-political shift:

Somaliland has tremendously met all international terms and requirements to be recognized and regarded as a separate country. Unfortunately, the Western countries have systematically neglected and ignored the rights of self-determination for Somaliland people. However, the Somaliland’s case is a quite clear example of the ambivalent morality of the Western Super powers and how they always pursued double standards policy: saying one thing but doing something completely different. Democracy, good governance, free market and respect for human rights are fully embraced by the West as long as this serves for their political and economic interests. If this is not the case, democracy and other international standards suddenly become considered to be hazardous and the West looks to the other end.

At the moment, the world attention is pretty much focussed on the beleaguered, rudderless and undemocratic government of Somalia in one hand. On the other hand the universal rights of the people of Somaliland for self-determination and statehood have been systematically ignored and thwarted by the same world community, particularly the EU, U.S.A, UN and AU. So as we can see the world community is pretty ambiguous as they are applying double standards!! We are witnessing that the World Community is rewarding the wrong man (the failed state of Somalia) for his crime and systematic violation of human rights, while the same World Community turns its back to the good and honest man.

Man power

In light with the recent unbalanced world attention on Somali Government, Somalilanders have to defend their independence and sovereignty amidst a climate of unpredictable geo-political shift. The Republic of Somaliland will increasingly become under pressure from different key actors (at regional and international level) whose sole aim is to push and safeguard their own interest. Somaliland should therefore re-think about ways of practical alternatives to respond in this current geo-political climate rather than being cautious or taking a wait and see approach. Assuming such political posture, our political and economic interests will be not served.


‘The President’ of the failed State of Somalia and the weak government he leads should know that the birth of this great nation ‘The Somaliland Republic’ came forth through the sacrifice, bloodshed and tears of an oppressed and exploited people who found freedom as they endured the pain and heartache suffered at the hands of their oppressors (the cruel and blood thirsty regime of Somalia). However, Somaliland is today more stronger than ever before to endure any thwarting and the ever increasing existential threat from the neighbouring failed state of Somalia and their kindred spirits.

God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble people

By |Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr |UK|