“Somaliland Has no Capability to Counter the Corona Virus Disease’ Reveals Dr Gaboose

Dr Caboose says Somaliland lacks capacity to deal with mass Coronavirus infections

Somalilandsun:The Somaliland economy and its health system cannot handle a mass infection of the corona virus.

This was stated by Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose during a press conference in Hargeisa where he pointed to difficulties being encounter by many world powers in handling the pandemic.

“in lieu of our minuscule economic power it is imperative that the government of Somaliland take drastic action towards prevention of further covid-19 infections in the country with only five confirmed cases” said Dr Gaboose who is one of the foremost medics in Somaliland

While acknowledging that nobody can escape death at is Allah appointed time, the doctor told citizens of Somaliland that for one to neglect preventive measures then succumb to virus is dumbfounding.

“Allah is the giver and taker of life but we are also advised on taking precautions where necessary” said he while urging concerted efforts by all in the fight against the virus/

At the same time Dr Gaboose queried on the continued import of Khat from Ethiopia where over 100 cases have so far been conformed

“The government continues to justify the khat import to the huge amount taxes add to the central coffers’ as the doctor wondered on whether these monies are sufficient to counter infection.

Terming the herbal stimulant plant as a not only an economic menace to citizens but a very likely route of corona virus spread Dr Gaboose said the government should cease any import justification and halt the trade completely.

“This plant is harvested, wrapped in plastic bags, transporter, and general handled by people whose virus status is unknown thence the disadvantages are more than the funds availed”

On the issue of belief by many that they can recover from infection Dr Gaboose informed that those who recover are confronted by major life threatening issues be it in breathing and other issues.

Revealing that Somaliland did not possess any Covid-19 treatment related equipment the medic who professed to being a specialist in such matters through studying ‘Tropical Medicine and ‘International Health Dr Gaboose said the only remedy for Somaliland to escape from Corona virus induced total collapse was to pursue the Chines model of total lockdown “Now rather than later”

Urging the president to take expedited action through consultations with traders and religious leaders the doctor said alms collected must reach the intended beneficiaries.

“with all due respect and without any malice be informed Mr. President you are the father of the nation and therefore wish to state that for you to enter into agreement with the opposition is foolish because we are at war and all citizens be they from the ruling or opposition parties look at you for salvation”

In conclusion Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose said “If we lose political and administrative direction today our country shall soon be filled with graves of the many who succumb to the Corona virus, Allah forbid”