Somaliland: Hargeisa University Expels Riotous Students


Hargeisa University graduates 1000s annually

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The confrontational saga between management of the University of Hargeisa-UoH and student Committee Members has taken a violent turn.
According to a statement released by the UoH chancellor Abdi Hussein all the student leaders involved in the violent attack of Board of Directors during a meeting at the Medicine College Hall on the 18th of June 015 have been expelled.
During the brutal incident that ensued after student committee members stormed the meeting where they hurled an assortment of objects, a number of participating BoD members were grievously harmed.
While the planning Minister Dr Saad Ali Shire and the university Chancellor narrowly escaped, the Somaliland justice minister Hussein Aideed and former deputy health minister in the Rayale administration sustained grievous face and head injuries respectively necessitating immediate professional attention.
Similarly three other board members came out of the fracas with broken legs while a female colleague was lucky to escape with minor injuries though she lost important documents and a substantial amount of cash after her purse was stolen in the melee that was as a result of the student’s committee objection to the suspension of two deans.
According to the chancellor of the city based public university the institution’s management shall no longer tolerate never ending disruption of studies perpetrated by the student committee in the guise of one complaint or another.
Ordering police officers manning the UoH security post to exercise their authority without fear or favour the chancellor who warned of dire consequences in future further stated that the rioting students have not only been expelled but will soon face prosecution in a court of law, “having seen to it that all the injured BOD members have collected P3 forms from the police.
The expulsion of student ring leaders at the University of Hargeisa has been long overdue in lieu of the numerous ugly incidents that permeate the largest institution of higher learning in Somaliland and as per the chancellor, the business of educating future leaders in all spheres is surely untenable if the product is violence confrontational based.