Somaliland: Hargeisa under siege following Barre’s Orders to Kill All But the Crows


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Kill All But The Crows! How a Somali Regime killed its people and destroyed cities It shows Unearthing mass graves in Somaliland

  1. Colonel Yusuf Abdi Ali (Tuke) dowsing gas and lighting fire on his victims with their hands and foot tied all while smiling and enjoying the cries and pleas coming from his dying victims just like the Nazis.

  2. Shows Generals Ahmed Warsame Mohamed, his deputy General Siyad Daud giving orders to massacre them all including the wounded. Kill them all but the Crows orders General Ahmed Warsame Mohamed.

  3. Shows General Awees Geedo, an artillery specialist, instructing his various artillery divisions the types of missiles, rockets and other armaments they should be shelling at the city of Hargeisa.

  4. It also shows general Morgan giving orders.

By: Innocent Victim

Somalilandsun – From 1969 to 1990, president and military dictator Siad Barre oversaw a campaign of widespread atrocities that decimated Somali civil society.

To quash separatist movements in the 1980s, the Somali Armed Forces targeted civilians in the northwest, culminating in the bloody 1988 siege of the regional capital Hargeisa, which claimed over 50,000 civilian lives

When Barre’s regime finally collapsed in 1991, Somalia was plunged into a chaotic internal conflict from which it has never recovered. Today, Somalia is universally cited as a ‘failed state.’

In 1981, a group of expatriates formed the Somali National Movement (SNM), with the goal of overthrowing Barre and by 1982; the SNM was ready to launch an invasion of northern Somalia from their base in Ethiopia.

Widespread Atrocities: 1978-1991

Throughout the early 1980s, the Barre regime used increasingly repressive tactics to suppress dissidents from all clans, with particular brutality in the northwest- Somaliland. The SNM prosecuted a low-intensity guerrilla war against the government throughout this period. Though the SNM also committed human rights violations, the overwhelming number of atrocities was committed by Somali government soldiers.

In 1988 SNM left its bases in Ethiopia and entered the country in full force and its engagement of the then mighty Somali National Army ensued with a rout from all present day Somaliland which was proclaimed a sovereign country on 18th May 1991.

“Kill All But The Crows!

Produced and Directed by Hussein Abdilahi Bukhan and Published on Apr 7, 2012 “Kill All But The Crows! Is a documentary of the 1988 genocide in Somaliland? The video depicts vividly how the then dictator president Mohammed Siad Bare assisted by his overzealous acolytes and henchmen systematically destroyed Hargeisa as well as other area of Somaliland where residents were also brutally annihilated.

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