Somaliland: Hargeisa to Host 2012 Regional Sports Tournament Devoid of Governing Bodies


Almzay Stadium Burao hosted the 20111 tournamentBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – For the first time regional sports tournament will be held without governing bodies.

The annual regional sports tournament will be held in Hargeisa from 15 December under the direct management of the ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

This was announcement by the Sports minister Ali Saeed Raygal during a press conference at the ministry headquarters where he also revealed all the regions will for the first time participate.

Hon Raygal urged residents of the capital city to start preparations as they carry the onerous task of hosting the sportsmen and women from all the regions who will participate in the various disciplines of Athletics, Basketball and Football.

While this will be the first regional tournament with Raygal at the helm, they are also distinct in that the ministry will fully managed them since individual sports disciplines governing bodies are disbanded

Last week Hon Ali Saeed Raygal disbanded the eleven sports governing bodies for what he termed as illegal existence and ineffectiveness as well as lack of vision. Though eleven governing bodies are affected only the three disciplines of Athletics, Football and Basketball will be adversely affected considering that they were the most active.

The eleven disciplines that existed before the dissolution are the eight inactive bodies are Chess, Volleyball, Cycling, and Table tennis, Judo, Karate, Gymnastics, Handball Football, Basketball and Athletics Federations respectively.

According to the minister of sports, other reasons behind his decision to dissolve the sport’s governing bodies include international non-recognition and partnership in addition to under performance

Minister Raygal added that the eleven governing bodies that were only active in Hargeisa-Maroodi Jeeh region had led to the deterioration of sporting activities, Said he, “Sports in the country was vibrant before the advent of the governing bodies”

Though the full management of sports activities by the government is contrary to international norms, the absence of the sports federations is a blessing in disguise since the ministry of sports has always funded most of their activities not to mention that the purportedly elected officials of the federations that claim independence are all employees of the ministry.

With all these developments, Slanders are anxiously awaiting the annually regional tournament that was held successfully in Burao last year.